Saturday, January 12, 2013

To Tell Or Not To Tell

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Revising a novel is tough. Revising a sci-fi novel, even tougher. Although, I wouldn't really know the difference as this is my first novel ;)

What is tripping me up is the fine line between giving too little information and too much. With my novel, I've created a new world. Actually, 132 of them  - all under the framework of an alien realm. Okay, so we don't really get to see all these worlds in the book...actually only 2 of them...but how much of the whole do I need to reveal to the reader? I'm pretty sure no one picks up a YA book wanting a history lesson on a new society. And even though I am way too excited about playing God, not everyone will be as excited to learn the inner political workings of an alien government. Snore.

I suppose all the hours and hours of research and mapping and creating is really for my benefit. And maybe, maybe, it'll seep through when necessary. Assuming, of course, I know when it is necessary.

There is the rub.

As I go, I find myself deleting more and more informational tidbits because they detract from the story - my MC's journey. In their stead I focus on character thoughts and feelings. I guess that's what it really is about, or else I'd be writing adult sci-fi. And I'm not.

I sometimes wish writing were as simple as connect-the-dots. But then, we'd lose the joy of creating. Journey, not the end, right? Let's hope so.

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