Monday, December 3, 2012

The QUEEN is back! 

Yes! I see evil resurfacing in Regina's future, and I couldn't be more happy. Don't judge, but evil characters make me all giddy inside. Maybe because they get to live selfishly and I haven't been able to live that way since the little stick revealed a plus sign. Regardless, Regina is at her best when she does her worst, and although I can appreciate a character who wants to change and love like the other goodies, we need our baddie!

But apparently, last night's ONCE was a "winter finale" as in, they didn't want to shoot any more shows to take us to the holidays. So now I've got to wait a month to see the Mother/Daughter reunion we've all been waiting for.

Last thought - what's up with Captain Hook? I've been somewhat ambivalent about him this season. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he enjoyable to watch? This guy doesn't have...swagger. Captain Hook, at least the one Disney introduced us to, is as flamboyant as he is dastardly. He's got flair. This guy, so far, is lacking some flair. I won't make a judgment yet, but so far I'm not feeling the love for the Hook.

Guess I'll have to find some other topics to chat about now that my show is on a winter break. Hmm...Time to hit Red Box for some inspiration.

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